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Facebook Advertising

We make sure you’re saying the right things, to the right audience.

Why use social media paid advertising?

It’s for sure the best way to reach your targeted audience that is either already engaged with your business or is your desired customer to be. There is no need to spend enormous amounts of money and hope that your ideal customer will see your ad amongst thousands of other similar businesses.

At Panda Digital Agency we will work with you to craft the perfect message to put it in front of a finely filtrated audience.

We’re here at Panda Digital, fuelled by ambition just like everyone else out there who has dreams or goals worth pursuing; let us help guide yours through this treacherous terrain until finally achieving victory once again becomes your reality instead of something hoped for from afar.

Why Do You Need Facebook Advertising?

Brand Awareness
Audience Targeting
App Promotions

Facebook Advertising Services

Our expert team works to leverage lucrative results, using data to fuel your strategy..

When it comes to marketing, the key is lead generation. Lead generation refers to any process that gets potential customers interested in your company’s products or services so they can increase future sales. This includes anyone who has shown interest but may not yet qualify as a client for whatever reason – whether because of their current condition past behaviour patterns which indicate why you might not want them buying from you right now or even just having no idea what product/service type would work well with them!

The bottom line: There are many ways an organisation could go about generating leads AND converting those into paying clients-which will result ultimately as it is a crucial step for many companies, and can be challenging when you’re just starting out or need more leads than your current marketing system produces, that’s where Panda Digital is coming.

Messenger ads work just like any other Facebook ad. We at Panda Digital will automatically deliver them to the placement that’s most likely to drive campaign results at a low cost, with creativity able for use across all platforms (Facebook and Instagram)

The same messaging can be used in Messenger as well, so you don’t need different copy or images depending on where it appears online

When you visit a website, it’s likely that the site owner will send messages to potential customers who haven’t made purchases. These are called remarketing emails or ads and can include follow up reminders about what they have in stock for sale on their site if it’s relevant enough.

Remarketing allows businesses with products people might be interested in but didn’t buy before time away from marketing while also giving them an opportunity at reaching out when someone returns!

Dynamic Product Ads is a personalized form of advertising that will make your brand more engaging and relevant. You can use the consumer’s profile data to determine what they see, giving them something valuable without being pushy or bothersome with constant ads for other products.

Dynamic product ads mean exactly as it sounds: dynamic templates explicitly customised for each person based on their preferences; making these types of advertisements much friendlier than traditional methods while also proving very successful at drawing consumers’ attention towards whichever company you’re promoting through this new technology

Facebook Certified Experts

Let us shape the future of online marketing by reaching your goals that will best suit your company’s needs and how we can use our expertise in social media advertising so that this time next year is just as successful!

Fair Pricing

We provide the best possible monthly fee for all of our clients. After reviewing accounts performance or objectives, this can be determined with a fixed fee structure which eliminates any surprises!

Flexible Agreements

We offer various options to work with us starting with month-to-month. Our aim is to surpass your expectations to ensure we stay partnered for a long term relationship.

Facebook Ads Review

Facebook Ads Account Manager is a certified agent who has gone through all necessary training to ensure your campaigns are successful and they will support you every step along the way!

2x Facebook Certified Campaign Managers

With our team of 2x Facebook experts at all times with unlimited access online or on the phone anytime day or night (even weekends), we can ensure that no matter what obstacle comes up Panda Digital is there for you.

Detailed Reporting

Reporting is the key to success when it comes to Facebook campaigns. We keep our clients up-to-date on their campaign performance with regular reports that are provided by this tool!

Previous Facebook Ads Results

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook and Instagram are the two top social media platforms with billions of users spending over 2 hours per day! Utilising Facebook for advertising your products or services is an ideal way for reaching your target audience therefore future customers. If you want increased sales, book a free consultation today by contacting one of our certified agencies who can show how they work best in order to help grow an online presence that leads directly towards profitability.

  • – Create a Winning Facebook Ads Strategy
  • – Increase Sales & Enquiries
  • – Full Setup & Support of Your Product Catalog
  • – Scale Your Business
  • – Fully Measurable With Proven Results
  • – Book a Free Consultation

Why Choose us to Manage Your Google Ads Campaigns?

We’ve helped our clients reduce their advertising spending by as much as 40% and increase revenue up to 10 times over the course of a few months. We can do this for your company too!

How to get results

To achieve your goals we take that proactive approach we mentioned!

The Panda Digital approach to PPC management is honest and focused. We know when you’re investing your money with us, we are much happier to tell and show you where your results are coming from and exactly where your budget has been spent on.

Inside analytics and creative thinking (that is backup with available data) means that we are crystal clear and that we can scale your paid marketing campaigns and effectively manage your budgets to excel your brand online.

Let’s talk about your dream project?

Are you looking for a new partner or investigating the market? Our experts can understand your goals and structure tailored solutions that will surpass targets.

1. Info Gathering

In order to best help you, we will need an idea of what your goals are. Your ideas matter most when it comes down to success or failure – they have a big impact on how well this goes for both parties involved in our partnership: which means that if something doesn’t feel right then maybe rethink things?

2. Secure Your Success

We’re here to help you get the most out of your digital strategy. See how our tried-and-true methods can be used by other organizations just like yours, so that together we may succeed in reaching all goals!

3. Grow Your Business

We’ve helped some of the biggest brands in the UK, and we’re eager to discuss how a holistic digital strategy could upscale your business performance too.

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